Lease Extension Agreement Letter


Norman Creed

Indian View Apartments

23 West Side Road

New Brunswick, UK 2178

Dated: 21st of June 2012

Subject: Agreement letter for lease extension

Respected Mr. Creed,

This letter is in regards to your request for extension of lease for the property taken on lease by you and owned by me, located at 45 East West Drive, New Brunswick, UK 2167. I would like to bring to your notice that I have decided to extend the lease on certain terms and conditions.

I have decided to extend the lease for a time period of two more years. The monthly rental amount will remain same that is 1000 pounds but you have to pay the rent in advance that is at the beginning of every month. In case of failure of payment of rent for three consecutive months the agreement will be cancelled and fine will be charged for the same.

You will continue to use the property for the purpose of setting up an office. I am enclosing the lease extension agreement along with the letter. I request you to put your signature and mal it back to me in case you agree with all the terms and conditions. Looking forward to your reply.


Nick Carter

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