Lease Cancellation Letter


Land Development Ministry,

United Kingdom


Mr Scott,

SCT Constructions Ltd,


Dear Mr Scott,

This letter has come into effect in order to make you aware of the fact that the ease granted to you for the period of 12 years for plot no E23X17 on the outskirts of the city of London has been cancelled. The cancellation of the lease is a reactive step for the non fulfilment of the terms and conditions of lease. It has been mentioned on behalf of the SCT Constructions Ltd that the said plot has been sought for the purpose of developing a resort and a hotel by the SCT Constructions Ltd. However, as per the conditions of lease, it is obligatory to furnish the No Objection Certificate from Environment and Forest Care Ministry, for indulging in the said activity.

Since the No Objection Certificate has not been furnished within the time limit allotted to SCT Constructions Ltd, the cancellation of the lease has come into effect.

Yours sincerely,

Land Development Ministry,

United Kingdom


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