Landlord Reference Letter

Mr. Robert Newby

Cannon Street Road, Aldgate

London, E1 5BH

August 21, 2010

Mr. Michael Price

Manchester, Greater Manchester

M26 8LS

Dear Mr. Price,

I have found out that you are looking for a place to stay in London since you will be attending a month-long training next month.  London is a big place and I would like to help you find a good lodging place by referring you to my former landlord.

I am now staying at a new house but had been renting a unit for years before my buying my own house.  My previous landlord’s apartments are very comfortable and well-furnished.  The water and electricty service are excellent and the place is very accessible to important establishments in town.  I have experienced no problems during my ten-year stay in the said apartments and I am sure you will enjoy your stay there, too.

I have enclosed the business card of my former landlord in case you are still looking for a place to stay.


Robert Newby

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