Landlord Appreciation Letter


Mrs Riddle,

C-13, Sterling Apartments,

Broken Boulevard,



Mr Alfred,

C-14, Sterling Apartments,


Dear Mr Alfred,

This is an expression of appreciation and gratitude from your landlady, Mrs Riddle, on the successful completion of the agreement between the two of us. Mr Alfred, you have been an ideal tenant which every landlady or landlord desires for and it was an extreme honour to share my space with a gentleman like you for this period. I would have liked to extend the rental agreement to eternity for a tenant like you. However, you seem to have found a place for yourself. I wish you all the best for your life.

Mr Alfred, you never made me return for my words since every request and condition for tenancy was followed by you with sheer sincerity. Not only is the timely payment of the rents which you did every month, but also the care you have showed for my space a matter of appreciation. I owe you this care.

Yours appreciatively,

Mrs Riddle

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