Land Sale Offer Letter


Molly Quinn

34C, Bressenden Place,



13th November 2013

Subject – Offer letter to sell land

Dear Ms. Quinn,

This letter is with regard to the plot of land I own at 321, New Burlington Place, London. I have already been told by my real estate agent that you have shown a positive interest in buying the plot of land and I would like to offer the plot to you. Considering the location of the plot, I am sure that my real estate agent has already told you that it is sinfully close to the supermarket and the public school, where I have been told, you teach.

Buying this plot of land would be a prudent step because it is very close to the school where you are employed, and imagine the amount of money and time you would be able to save on conveyance, if you decide to build a house on the plot. Moreover, the plot offers a beautiful view of the surrounding lake and is a relaxing spot after a hard day’s work. Given these pros, I would not be comfortable rethinking my original offer price.

Hope I have been able to convince you, and will hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Anthony Stark

23, Clove Crescent



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