Land Purchase Offer Letter


Tamala Jones

234, Brownhill Road,

Catford, London,


13th November 2013

Subject – Offer letter to purchase land

Dear Ms. Jones,

This letter is with regards to the advertisement you had placed with the intent of selling a plot of land that belongs to your family. I have seen the plot located at 23A, Redhill Street, London, and I would like to make an offer for that particular plot of land. The plot is suitable for me from all angles. I am into farming and I would like to construct a house for my family of five on one portion of the plot and the rest of the plot will be used for farming vegetables.

Since the soil is perfect for vegetation, the plot has allured me into making this offer. Also, the farmer’s market is near from the plot, which would facilitate my business as well. As a father of three young children I know how important it is to live close to nature and feed them organic vegetables, which will only be possible if you agree to my quoted price and I get an opportunity to raise three happy, healthy and beautiful babies.

I hope you consider my proposal and let me know as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Frederick Brown

17B, New Burlington Place



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