Job Vacancy Announcement Letter


The Human Resource Department,

Reliable Petroleum Ltd,

Noida, India

Dear people,

This is an announcement for job vacancy in the Reliable Petroleum Ltd Company. There has been vacancy on the 1231 job posts in the company all over the country. The details regarding the job vacancy has been put up on the official website of the company and all those people who are qualified and interested for the designated job vacancies can apply at your nearest recruitment centre for the company. The list of the recruitment centres have also been put up on the official website of the company. The talent in the country has always shown the promise which we have been looking for and we believe that we will not be disappointed.

The working ambience in our company has been a benchmark for all other companies in the country and all around the world. Hence, the applicants need not worry about anything and they just need to deliver their capabilities.

Yours sincerely,

Human Resource Officer,

Reliable Petroleum Ltd

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