Job Transfer Request Letter


Tim Burton

Manager of Operations

Cos Service Private Limited

87 U Turn Road

York Shire, UK 4590

Dated: 23rd June 2013

Subject: Request letter for job transfer


Respected Mr. Burton,

I am John Woo working in the position of a customer service executive in your organization. This is to make a request for job transfer to office in New London located at 56 Yankee Doodle Lane, New London UK 3490.


I reside with my wife who has completed her master’s degree this month only and has got a job with Aspen group of Companies with posting in New London and thus I wish to request for my transfer as it would be difficult for me to let my wife stay alone in a new city. As we have an office in the same city, I believe that there are chances of getting a job transfer for me. Even after job transfer I would like to continue in the same department with same designation.

I hope you understand my situation and consider my request for job transfer. Please let me know about all the formalities that need to be done for the job transfer.

Looking forward to your response.


Jack Ripper

Customer Service Executive

Cos Service Private Limited

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