Job Resignation Letter


Mr Richard Boyle,

Sales manager,

INDE mall,



Mr Jonathan,

Head of sales department,

INDE mall,


Dear Sir,

I, Mr Richard Boyle, the manager of the sales department of the INDE mall, am writing this letter as the resignation from the current post of the sales manager. This news might not come as a shock to the sales department, since the step has been intimated in prior to the sales department people in the prior confrontations.

As told earlier, there are certain personal commitments which I need to fulfil for my family. This will require an absence from my working arena and hence the resulting step has come into existence. I would like to express one thing that the entire department, irrespective of the seniors and the juniors, have been very co-operative with me for over the years and I could not have asked for a better team to work with. I wish that the mall scales new heights in the coming future. This is Richard Boyle signing off.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Richard Boyle

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