Job Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Jackson,

Good day!

According to our files, you applied as accounts officer in our company a few months back. However, back then, we did not have any vacancy and did not have the chance to accommodate you and your services.

A few months from now, the position for our accounts officer will be vacated as our current accounts officer will be stationed to one of branches outside this state. As a result, we will be in need of someone to replace him.

In this connection, I am making this job proposal to you to a trainee as accounts officer under the supervision of our current accounts officer and as he leaves in the next three months, you will be his rightful successor for a permanent position.

If you are interested and available, you can contact our secretary and arrange for an appointment so we can discuss the details of the job and the incentives that go with the job the soonest possible time.

Thank you.


Greg Smith

Administrative Officer

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