Job Proposal Cover Letter


Jack Ripper

78 East Side Road

New London, UK 3290

Dated: 2nd of June 2012

Subject: Proposal for job in the position of sales manager

Respected Mr. Ripper,

It gives me immense pleasure to extend you an invitation to join the sales department of our organization in the position of sales manager. We have a vacancy in the particular position and looking for an eligible candidate.

We have reviewed your profile and found it to be very impressive. You have a work experience of five years in the sales industry and we are looking an individual with good work experience. You meet the requirements for the particular position. In this position you will have to manage a team of sales executive and ensure that they meet the sales target. You will also have to give sales training to new joiners. The effective date of joining will be 15th of June 2012 and you will be entitled to a remuneration of 3000 pounds per month. In case your team exceeds the sales target you would be entitled to a bonus.

I am enclosing the offer letter and would request you to sign it and return it us if you interested in the job offer.


Nick Carter

HR Manager

Glenn manufacturers Limited 

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