Job Promotion Announcement Letter

Arthur Brown Limited

227 Deansgate, Manchester,

Lancashire M3 3NW


: Derek Powell

General Manager

: All Employees of Arthur Brown Limited



: September 10, 2011

Subject: Promotion Announcement of Scott Wood as the new Senior Team Leader – Wave A

Congratulations to Scott Wood for his promotion to Senior Team Leader of Wave A. James has been

with our company for the last five (5) years. He started as a Customer Service Representative and moved

on to become Quality Analyst and then as Team Leader prior to this promotion.

James steered his team to be the best team in terms of production and attendance for 3 consecutive

quarters. This new role as Senior Team Leader will further test the mettle of James in leading his team to

achieve more goals and contribute greatly in all key result areas.

Let’s all wish James the best of luck in this achievement. Kudos to James!

Yours sincerely,

Derek Powell

General Manager



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