Job Invitation Letter


Anna white,

Human Resource Officer,

Global Software system,



Rebecca Winter,

156, High Street,


Dear Ms. Winter,

On behalf of Global Software Systems, I would like to congratulate you on being selected for the position of junior Project Manager in our company. Our human resource department has gone through your resume and was very much impressed by your educational background.

According to what we have reviewed, your management skills along with the technical acumen have proved beneficial to your previous organization and we expect the same kind of results with our company too. I once again want to tell you that our organization expects what you have promised to deliver in your application and that we do not tolerate any kind of indiscipline in our company. You will have to stick to your deadlines and deliver the work on expected time.

I hereby invite you to join our company and wish you the very best for your new role here.

For any clarifications or doubts, please feel free to contact me.


Ms. White

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