Job Introduction Letter

Peter Moore

Priory Road, Hornsey

London, N8 8NA

August 21, 2010

Mr. William Taft


XYZ Company

Dear Mr. Taft,

I learned from one of your staff that you are currently looking for a customer service representative for your newly-opened branch in London.

I have worked as a customer service representative at a popular local department store for more than five years and have also served an international company for ten years.  I recently finished my master’s degree in marketing from a leading university aside from attending several trainings in customer service during my previous posts.  I believe that I am well-educated in the profession and have enough experience to be highly qualified for the position you are hoping to fill.

I have attached a copy of my resume for your perusal.  I am available for an interview at your most convenient time.  You may contact me at 020 8367 5889 if you need more information.

Thank you.  I hope for your kind consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Moore

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