Job Application Recommendation Letter

Ms. Katie Hayworth

Operations Manager

Smart Communications Limited

80 Princess Street


Cattiness Kw14 7AE

September 10, 2011

Imperial Advertising Agency


Manning tree

Essex CO11 1NL

To Whom It May Concern:

This serves as a letter of recommendation for Ms. Aubrey Mil ler, who has applied as Advertising

Associate in your company. I have known her since January 2005 when she was hired as a Customer

Care Officer in our company, Smart Communications Limited. Until her resignation last month, I ha


been Aubrey’s immediate supervisor for the last three years.

From her entry level position, Aubrey rose up the corporate ladder due to her dedication and innovative

ideas. Prior to her resignation, she is a Senior Team Leader handling ten (10) teams. S he is a constant

Performance Awardees due to her impressive motivation in leading her team to achieve and even exceed

every goals and targets.

Aubrey’s ability to think out of the box will surely give your company fresh ideas. She is a team player

and will be great asset to any organization. I highly recommend Aubrey to be a part of your company.


Katie Hayworth

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