IT project Announcement Letter


Mr. Edmond Clark and team

Winwin Corp, #28 Spring Valley,


London, KT11 0NY

15th August 2011

Subject: IT project announcement letter.

Dear Mr. Edmond,

We would first take this opportunity to appreciate you and your team for your valuable support in the ES project, and are proud to have such efficient employees, associated with us.

We are very happy to inform you and your team that, client has appreciated the Engineering Services support project executed by us and sent us a congratulatory note on the same. Client wanted us to support other domains, within their organization. With respect to the success of our ES project, they have also awarded us with three new projects in manufacturing domain.

We will have to create new software to store their product data, and help them in re-creating their existing product testing screens. For the product testing screens, they want our support 24 x 7. This project is of high quality and importance to our company as it takes our company towards financial growth. This in turn will help us provide better remuneration and incentives to the employees who are associated with the project as a mark of appreciation from our company.

We are looking forward to have your support and guidance to our development team for executing the new projects in a competent way.

With best regards,

Julia Atkins.

Senior HR Manager

Winwin Corp

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