Invitation Letters

An invitation letter, as the name suggests are aimed at inviting a person for a particular occasion or ceremony. Such letters are more personalized than invitation cards and can be used for both personal and business use. The overall tone of these kind of letters should be polite and convincing enough to ensure the presence of the guest at the occasion.

Following are the types of invitation letters:

  • Invitation letter to a birthday party
  • Invitation letter for a business event
  • Invitation letter for a Christmas party
  • Invitation letter to a sports event
  • Wedding invitation letter


There are a few points to be take care of while writing an invitation letter. They are:

  • Invitation letters should be written and posted well in advanced before the particular occasion.
  • The dress code, if any should be mentioned clearly and in bold.
  • The address of the venue should be clearly specified.
  • Such letters have to be warm and inviting. They should create a warm effect on the guests.
  • A formal invitation letter should follow a formal tone throughout.

A brief description of the event and the occasion should be mentioned in the main body of the letter.

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