Invitation Letter for Seminar


Mr. Adrian Rothwell

The Budding Talent association,



Dr. Elma Woods

Oxford Road

Manchester, M134 9PL

Dear Dr. Woods,

The Budding Talent association is a group of amateur people who are skilled and talented and have passion to do something in life. The association offers a platform to new people to showcase their talent in front of the world. We hold interactive activities at regular intervals including seminars to help people from different field develop their talent.

The Budding Talent Association would like to invite you to a “Seminar on Do Journalism Ethics exist in today’s world” to be held on March 11, 2011 in New Delhi. The seminar aims to offer a venue to new writers to discuss the issue with some of the most well known writers from the country as well as abroad.  Our association is pleased to inform you that based on your credentials submitted to our office we have chosen you as one of the participants in the seminar. Please inform us within one week about your participation.


Mr. Rothwell

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