Introduction Letters

Introduction letters are written in case when a person is introducing another person by the means of a written document. These types of letters can also be helpful in introducing a new product or a service. An introduction letter’s purpose is to make the recipient aware of the new employee by the boss to the staff or a new product in case of the people associated with the marketing department. These letters are used to give a brief knowledge about the person or product that is being introduced.

Introduction letters can be of various kinds. The following are a few of the examples:

  • New employee Introduction letter
  • New product Introduction letter
  • New scheme introduction letter


Introduction letters need to be written with a formal tone and following tips and suggestions will prove to be useful for drafting such letters:

  • The letter should speak about the credentials of the applicant along with their academic qualifications or skills which make him/her the right candidate for the position in question.
  • In case of a product or a scheme, the letter should stress upon the main points of description and importance.

The letter should be brief and to the points. Deviating away from the topic isn’t the right thing to do.


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