Interview Request Letter

Judith Barnett


Glasgow, G14 0DE

November 17, 2010

Dr. Steven Thrift

Cecil Street, Glasgow

Glasgow, G15 8RN

Dear Mr. Thrift,

I am a BS Biology senior at the Glasgow University.  I am majoring in the field of Microbiology and I am doing a study on the use of lactobacilli in food products.

I read a study that you made on the use of lactobacilli in drinks published in a scientific journal last month.  The study is quite interesting and related to the one I am conducting.  I have several additional questions about the results of the study and hope I can personally discuss the matter with you.

In this regard, I would like to request for an interview next month at your convenient time.  I know that you have a busy schedule but I hope you would be able to find time to grant me an interview.

Please contact me at 0141 564 5239 for confirmation.

Thank you so much.


Judith Barnett

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