Interview Letters

How to draft a interview letter is always a big question. Because there are many formats and which is the correct format is some what difficult to decide.  At this point it is important to understand and know more as to what kind of job category the interview letter is being prepared and what are the main requirements. If this analysis is made, drafting of interview letter will be very simple.

First of all, all types of interview letters must inform the candidate about interview date, venue and time. Further what exactly the interview consists and how exactly the candidate should be present at the interview should also be stated.

Some times some of the documents may be important for verification and in other instances, letters of recommendation and letter of reference is also required. However, the quality time of the interview is definitely important both for the applicant and for the company and therefore, minimizing the requirements and spending time with the candidate and understanding more about the applicant is definitely a priority apart from taking the guidance from resume.

Therefore encouraging applicant to come prepared for the interview and also to be present at the venue prior to the time of interview should also be stated in order to save time during the interview.

An order of appreciation and simplicity must be maintained for all interview letters and this will make the candidate quite happy as there will be many young and bright minds will be applying for fresh jobs.

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