Internship Agreement Letter


Allen Berry

Manager of HR

Gas Garments Limited

78 Rock Salt Avenue

South London, UK 2390

Dated: 6th of August 2012

Subject: Agreement to accept internship

Respected Mr. Berry,

This letter is regards to the offer given by your organization to work as an intern designer in your organization. I would like to bring to your notice that I agree to accept this offer.

I had received this offer from your organization on 1st of August 2012. It is an honor to get an offer like this from your organization. I have recently completed my Bachelors in Fashion Designing from the reputed London School of Design. I was looking forward to start my career as an intern designer with a reputed organization. I am sure that as an intern I would be able to learn a lot from your organization. This internship would also help me to grow as a designer. I am fine with the job timings in your organization and I also accept the remuneration amount that you have offered.

I have signed the internship agreement provided by you stating my acceptance and enclosing it along with the letter. I am fine with all the clauses mentioned in the agreement


Jack Ripper

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