Insurance Policy Cancellation Letter


Mrs McGonagall,

Insurance agent,

ICUC Insurance Ltd,

Cape Town


Mr Andrew,

B-18, Warrington Drive,

Cape Town

Dear Mr Andrew,

This letter stands for a formal communication from the ICUC Insurance Ltd in order to notify you about the cancellation of the health insurance policy no IC23UC498 which is on your name. This policy has been red marked by the insurance firm for the inadequate providing of the documents required for health insurance. There have been many prior communications done in order to demand the necessary documents required for the fulfilment of the formalities of seeking a health insurance policy from the ICUC Insurance Firm.

However, without of the lack of response from your side the same has not been provided to the insurance firm. Hence, the firm was forced to surrender to the situation and draw the cancellation of the health insurance policy which has been mentioned above. This letter is equipped with an enclosure of documents which the ICUC Insurance Firm has been provided by you while seeking the insurance.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs McGonagall

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