Insurance Grievance Letter


Jake Tyler

PR Manager

Niche Life insurance Limited

21 Hilly Billy Road

London, United Kingdom 4590

Dated: 7th of June 2012

Subject: Letter to express grievance against my insurance policy

Respected Mr. Jake Tyler,

This letter is in regards to the insurance policy that I hold with your insurance company, with the insurance number 45908. This is to bring to your notice that I have a grievance against the sudden increase in the premium amount in my insurance policy.

I hold a twenty year life insurance with an accidental rider. The beginning date of my policy is 2nd of May 2011. When I had taken this particular policy I was told that the premium amount will remain same till the maturity date that is for twenty years from the policy beginning date. But, suddenly I got a notice informing that there is a decision taken by the management to increase the premium amount in the particular policy that I have. Above that when I tried to contact your insurance advisors for this reason they could not give me clarification.

I would request you to look into this matter and take action or else I will be forced to close my policy.


Henry Cooper

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