Insurance appeal letter

September 22, 2010

Geoffrey Grant

Customer Service

Assure Insurance

Dear Mr. Grant,

This letter is with regard to the insurance claim I filed in your office last month.  I suffered from an accident where I broke my arm while working at a machine.  Based on the insurance policy I signed, this kind of accident at work is included in my insurance coverage.

I have been calling your office since last week to inquire about my claim but the staff told me it is still being processed.  There is still no clear response about my claim.

I am appealing that my insurance claim be provided as soon as possible.  I dearly need the financial assistance since I have no other source of funds.

Enclosed is my address and contact number.  I hope to hear from your office soon and I will be willing to provide documents if necessary.

Thank you.  I hope the matter will be resolved promptly.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Crossick

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