Institute Request Letter


Mr Collins,

Head of the institute,

Kill the Wave swimming institute


All the patrons

Dear patrons,

This letter has been drafted to put forward a request to all the patrons who enjoy the act of swimming in the Kill the Wave swimming institute. The request is regarding the litter created by the patrons in the vicinity of the swimming premises in the Kill the Wave swimming institute. A considerable amount if money is required to be employed in cleaning up the unnecessary mess which is created by the patrons.

This amount of money, used for cleaning the litters left behind by the so called responsible patrons, can be utilised to bring in more facilities in the institute and this is possible only by the help of the patrons. Hence the request of not to litter in the swimming premises of the institute has been put forward to all the patrons. The patrons who do not abide by the request shall see their entry getting terminated. Kindly oblige,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Collins

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