Inheritance Tax Letter


Mrs McConnell,

Income Tax officer,



Mr White,

House no 18,

Westminster road,


Dear Mr White,

I, Mrs McConnell, the tax officer of the area under which your residency falls, am writing this letter to express deep grief and condolences, on behalf of the entire tax department, on the death of your mother. This letter also intends to make you aware of the fact that according to the nominations given by your late mother, you are liable for all the responsibilities which your mother used to render when she was around us.

Now, it comes out that all the tax related features for the properties in Lancashire have been inherited by you and hence all the formalities regarding the tax for these properties needs to be fulfilled by you. The tax department expects that you shall co-operate with the department in the same favourable way in which your mother has been successful in doing so for over the years. Expecting a favourable response from your side,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs McConnell

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