Income Tax Letter


Ms Maria,

Income Tax officer,

West Northumberland


Mr White,

House no 18,

Beach View road,

West Northumberland

Dear Mr White,

I, Ms Maria, the tax officer of your area, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that the tax returns for you and for your firm has not been filed for the current financial year as yet. The remaining days for filing the tax returns are very limited and the tax department urges you take some immediate steps for fulfilling the formalities regarding the tax returns for the current financial year.

Considering the past records of the tax returns file by you in the previous financial years, the tax department can proudly say that you are a very responsible citizen and you know your responsibilities regarding the tax returns. Hence, it is expected that the same shall be done again. Considering the changes in tax return filing procedure and the need to make people aware of their responsibilities for filing the tax returns, this letter has been drafted.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Maria




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