Income Tax Letter For Refund


Jason Morris

12 31 Leicester Square,

London LC 73444

12th June 2013


Subject: Refund for Income tax

Respected Sir,

I am sending this letter to you to protest against a gross miscalculation in my tax assessment for the year 2011-2012. I left the country on 23rd June 2012 and the calculation that your firm has provided to me exceeds the actually tax amount by 100,000 GBP. This is sheer carelessness on your part and will cause me immense financial damage and legal hassles.

I have paid a total amount of tax for this year of 200,000 GBP whereas I should have paid only 100,000 GBP. Please look into this matter and relieve me of this trauma. I am sending you all the necessary documents so that you can work out the mistakes. I also hope that you will reply soon and will refund the excess tax which has been paid.

I have enclosed a copy of my P45 along with a copy of my P85 which will show a complete record of my tax history. Please contact me, in case of any doubts, at I hope that the matter will be addressed promptly and I shall be awaiting your reply.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

_______________________ [signature]

Jake Morris

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