Immediate Resignation Letter


Mr. Derek Oldfield,

Axiom Labs Pvt. Ltd.,

Cromwell Road, London

31st August 2013

Sub: Immediate resignation letter

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I am putting in my immediate resignation from the position of chief scientific officer. Owing to a medical emergency back home, it will not be possible for me to pursue a job in London. I am the only child to my parents and my Dad has suffered serious paralytic attack. My parents stay in Redding and the emergency calls for me to shift indefinitely to my hometown.

I ensure you that this has nothing to do with my work at the firm. My time here has been a tremendous learning experience and I am sure to miss my colleagues and the rich work environment.

I promise that I will do everything possible to update the candidate replacing me through phone and internet if and when required. I will also carry out the legalities of my exit from the firm by post or email. I hope you will consider my grave situation and grant me a pre mature resignation from the firm as opposed to my official serving date which is 30th September.

Sincerely yours

Derek Pickles

Chief Scientific officer

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