Hunting Permission Letter


Richard Greene

8833 Sunlight Avenue,

Notting Park,


October 8, 2012

Subject: Permission to hunt game birds in your property

Dear Mr. Greene,

I request you to grant me permission to hunt game birds in your private property located at 2733 Rolling Meadows, North Hillshire, Edinburg. I am aware of the various rules and regulations are levied by The Game Act of 1831 which includes the types of birds I am allowed to hunt and the time period during which it is legal to hunt them. I assure you I will follow all the laws and keep my hunting experience within the legal regulations. I have a game hunting license and I will give you all the details of my documents if you wish to see it.

I would also like to mention that I am part of the waterfowl hunting club in London, The Rising Hills and have had a very good experience hunting with the members of the club. I hope you shall agree to my request and give permission to me hunt in your property. I have been there with my friend Mr. Garth Lawson and it is an amazing piece of land which has been very well-maintained by you.

Thanking you,

Arthur Jones

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