How to write resignation letters UK

A resignation letter is a kind of a business letter which is written in the case when a person wishes to resign from a particular job position of work from a company or an organisation. These letters are used to state the reason for resigning and giving the employer a prior notice of resignation so that he/she can settle pending tasks and clear the accounts. The resignation letters written in United Kingdom or UK are called resignation letters UK. Writing resignation letters can be a tricky business since the tone has to be formal and the content needs to be extremely precise and persuasive. If you need help with writing a resignation letter, then the following points shall be of help:

  • A resignation letter must always start with the sender’s name, job position and address written on the top left corner.
  • After writing the address of the sender, the date and the subject must be written down in two separate lines. The subject must state the reason for writing of the letter. For example-‘resigning from __________(the job position)’.
  • After the subject, a formal salutation for the recipient must   be written down.
  • Then the body of the letter starts by mentioning the reason for writing the letter. The body of the letter must be carefully drafted by dividing it into atleast 2 paragraphs. The second paragraph must consist of the reason for resigning from work and should mention the period of notice. The third paragraph must be used to close the letter and thank the employer for his/her help and guidance.
  • After the body of the letter, the sender should sign the letter at the end.
  • One must take care of the fact that a formal tone should be used throughout the letter and bitter feelings or negatives views should always be avoided.

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