How to Write an Authorization Letter


Mr Brown,

RWIFC Fishing Institute,



Mr Scott,


Bridgetown School,


Dear Mr Scott,

I, Mr Brown, am writing this letter in response to the letter from your side dated 12 July, 2010, seeking authorization for a fishing picnic at the ponds of RWIFC Fishing Institute. I am glad to make you aware of the fact that you have been granted the authorization for a day long fishing picnic for the students of your school. You have intimated about the number of students who would be visiting the fishing ponds.

Considering the safety of the students and the numbers in which they would be participating, certain dates have been allotted the authorization. The dates have been mentioned in the documents enclosed along with this letter. Also, the documents are regarding the safety precautions which have to be followed on an obligatory basis by the students. Please intimate us about your preference on the dates mentioned at the earliest for allowing us to do proper arrangements.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Brown

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