How To Write A Romantic Letter

My one and only love,

I thank God for giving you to me. I will forever treasure the moments we have shared. I will love you so

dearly thinking that every day is our last day together on earth. I may be far from you but my lo ve will

travel the distance and keep you safe and warm. Knowing that you love me makes me stand the

loneliness of being apart.

Though we only see each other during my annual vacation, my love will never fade. It is kept alive by the

thought that you my sweetheart is just as much missing me and waiting for my return. How can I forget

the tenderness of your lips and the warm of your body? Your love is the only reason that I keep my sane

in this far away land. Sweetheart I promise after this year we will no longer part. I have said to myself

that no amount of wealth could compare to your nearness. That what I long for is to wake up each

morning with you by my side. I always dream of waking up to your smile, knowing that the day will turn

lovely because I could touch you and feel you. I long for that day to come my love.

I love you and I could not wait to be with you again.

Your dear sweetheart

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