How to Write a Request Letter

Mr. Howard Goldberg

444 Muswell Hill Broadway

Muswell Hill

London N10 3SH

September 10, 2011

Mr. Eric Burt

Loans Manager

Berkeley Bank PLC

1 Churchill

London E14 5HP

Dear Mr. Burt,

Your record will show that I have maintained a savings account with your bank for five years now. I have

faithfully kept a good standing by making sure that a good balance is observed, no over draft has been

made against my account, and your banking rules are followed. Please note too that my monthly salary

is deposited in my account.

In this regard, I am writing to request a loan of £50,000 to finance my recent purchase of a house. All

pertinent documents to facilitate the processing of my loan are attached to this letter. I have also filled

out all necessary bank loan forms indicating the information you require from a loan applicant.

I may be reached through my phone number 020 8829 8858. I will be more than obliged to provide

additional information you would require from me.


Mr. Howard Goldberg

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