How To Write a Promotion Letter

Ms. Sophia Parker

The Homestead Inn

Borough High Street



SE1 1NHophia Parker

September 10, 2011

Mr. Warren Griffiths


Locker Siddeley Company

44 Abbey Parade

Merton High Street

London SW19 1DG

Dear Mr. Griffiths,

I have known that Ms. Victoria Spears, the Senior Supervisor of Operations , will be retiring by end of

October 2011 after serving the company for 25 long years. I am therefore signifying my application for

promotion for the position to be vacated.

I was hired by the company in 1995 and I am proud to say that through dedicated hard work I rose from

the rank. I started as customer service representative and after 3 years was promoted as team leader

and to senior team leader after 2 years. I was again promoted in 20 01 to the post of Supervisor for

Operations. I have been a Supervisor for 10 years now and I am confident that I am more than capable

to take on the responsibility of a Senior Supervisor for Operations.

Your consideration on this letter will be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

Sophia Parker

Supervisor – Operations

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