How To Write A Professional Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a formal category of a letter which is used by an employee to resign from a job position and the company or organization for which he/she has been working. Any letter of this kind is used commonly in big and small companies and also gives the reason why the employee wishes to resign.

A resignation letter, being formal in nature needs to be extremely professional in nature. It must be carefully drafted in such a way that the employer agrees to give the employee the resignation. If you wish to write a resignation letter for yourself, then the following given instructions shall be extremely useful for you.

  • The first thing to keep in mind while framing a resignation letter is that it must be kept simple, precise and strictly formal in nature. The tone should be that of respect and politeness even if you are leaving the company due to bitter reasons.
  • The resignation letter must be addressed correctly to the senior who is responsible for granting you the resignation. Write his/her name, job position and department name on the left corner of the top part of the letter sheet.
  • Never criticize the employer, colleagues or the company in the resignation letter. This is another point that will help you frame a professional letter which is free from unnecessary cribbing and negativity.
  • Do not forget to write the date on which you wish to resign and the name of the position from which you are resigning.
  • You must always thank the employer or recipient of the letter for the experience you have had in the company or organization and can also state briefly a few things that you have learnt while working in the organization.
  • Briefly state the reason for resigning but do not get into the main details.

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