How To Write a Marketing Letter

Dear Hazel,

Bunches of thanks for your support and your loyalty for our company and products since we started and up to this time.  We know how much you love our products and for that reason, we in the Beauty Secret Inc. do our part to give you and the rest of our customers the best that it can be.

Now, a new variety of moisturizing cream has been offering and this is made with all natural ingredients that will not irritate and harm your soft and mild skin.  Our experts in manufacturing ensure that they only use the right herbals that are all naturals to formulate a moisturizing cream.  It is now available in the variety of beauty stores nationwide.

Always feel beautiful and feel younger with our products and for sure you can live right and much better as you ever wanted to happen in your life.

Enclosed here is the sample of our new product for your actual preference.

Best Regards,

Ms. Thomson Hill

Marketing Manager

Beauty Secret Inc.

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