How To Write A Letter To Request A Job Interview?

One of the toughest tasks to do in the preparation of getting a job is to request a job interview. For this purpose, every applicant first needs to frame letters which are used to request job interviews from prospective employers or recruiters. Such letters are difficult to frame and often take a lot of time due to its complexities and formulation.

A letter of application requesting a job interview must be focused and carefully targeted. It should be formal in nature and must have a polite tone attached to it. If you are looking for a way to write a letter to request a job interview, then the following given points shall be extremely helpful for you.

  • To start with, the name and designation of the recipient must be written on the head on the letter starting from the left margin. It should be followed by the company’s name and company’s address in the next two lines.
  • You must always write the date on which letter is written in the date/month/year.
  • A formal salutation as well as the subject of the letter must be written in two separate lines. The subject must have the purpose of writing the letter in a precise way. Do not use more than a single sentence. The salutation must not be vague but must have the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed.
  • The opening paragraph of the letter is really important. It must be upfront and should directly tell the recruiter that you are requesting a job interview. Enter the name of the job position for which you are requesting the interview.
  • The next paragraph of the letter must be devoted to mentioning your skills, qualifications and other reasons which make you suitable for the job interview and the job position.
  • Thank the recipient before closing the letter with your signature and contact number so that the recipient can contact you if required.

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