How to Write a Christmas Letter


Mr Collins,

Marina Bay Island Hotel,



Mrs Collins,


Bridgetown Archway,


Dear honey,

I hope this letter finds my honey in the pink of health. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of happiness, prosperity and good health. I am hoping that you have given up on your vegetable diet and have munched on some cake pastries or muffins. Honey, I am missing you very dearly and I wish I had not planned this business tour during Christmas. Now, I will make sure that I get my schedule manoeuvred to spend these festive times with my family during the years to come.

Honey, I have been looking to buy a nice present for you. However, I am really bewildered and confused for the sheer number of options available to me to choice from. So, please if you wish for something please intimate to me. I have managed to get my hands on some good things, though. Sending you loads of love,

Your loving husband,





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