Holiday Notice Letter


All the employees and customers of our bank

ZCK International Bank Limited

Branch office, 19 lacquering lane

Central London


16th June 2012

Subject: Holiday notice letter

Dear colleagues and most valuable customers

I am writing this letter to inform you that the working committee of our bank has decided to keep the bank closed on 30th June 2012.I am directed to inform you officially that 30th June 2012 will be a holiday on account of completing six months of uninterrupted service for six months in the calendar year 2012 .Customers are herby requested to complete all their banking transaction well before 30th June 2012 in order to avoid any inconvenience and the last minute rush. I would like to inform our valuable customers that the ATM service will function normally on that particular day. I thank all my employees for working tirelessly for six months on a trot .I would advise them to take a much needed break for a day so that when you are back to your work you will feel energetic and refreshed.

I hope the employees will welcome and enjoy the management’s decision for this one day holiday.

Yours’ sincerely

Mark Pipes

ZCK International Bank Limited

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