Holiday Letters

Holiday letters are generally written to wish someone for the upcoming holiday. Such letters are generally happy and have cheerful messages filled with good wishes for a holiday season. Holiday letters are a good way to keep in touch with your near and dear ones. They tend to set a mood for a festive or holiday season.

Holiday letters can be sent to a whole list of people based upon which they are compartmentalized into the following:

  • Holiday letters to friends
  • Holiday letters to family members
  • Holiday letters to employees
  • Holiday letters to employer
  • Holiday letters to clients


The following tips would be useful in order to phrase a good holiday letter:

  • Be sensitive and precise in your words keeping clearly in mind what kind of a holiday the concerned person is about to go on.
  • Send a holiday letter well in advance.
  • A holiday letter should be personalized and not a group effort.
  • Holiday letters must be warm and cheerful.
  • The letter can also consist of a few tips or suggestions regarding the place of visit in case the holiday is a vacation.

The letter should end on a positive note that wishes the person a good holiday.

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