Holiday Letter to Students



Glen Dale High School

34 Tiger Stripe Road

South Hall, UK 3456

Dated: 15th of June 2012

Sub: Declaration of holidays from 20th till 27st June, 2012

Dear Students,

This is to bring to your notice that we have decided to declare holidays for one week starting from 20th of June and ending on 27th of June.

You all must be aware about the cyclone that took place in our city recently. The cyclone had its adverse effects on our school too and thus there are cracks in the wall in some parts of the school building. We need to renovate the building and this won’t be possible during school hours as that will hamper the classes taking place during that time. So we have decided to give holidays to all the students and the staff for one week. I request you to pray that the renovation takes place safely and our school building turns out to be safe and sound as it used to be. This renovation is necessary for the safety of all the students and the staff.

I hope you all enjoy your holidays and spend valuable time with your family.


Herbert Wilson


Glen Dale High School

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