Holiday Letter from Employer


Mr. Thompson Potter,

Managing Director,

Best Supplies Co.

Blackheath Lane

Stafford, ST19 0AD


Mr. Bob Stevenson,


Best Supplies Co.

Dear Stevenson,

This is to notify you as well as your staff that the next three days has been declared as holiday. The office shall remain closed on the 16th, 17th and 18th of October.

This decision has been taken keeping in mind that the office building is in a very bad shape and needs urgent renovation. So, this can be a good opportunity for the employees to take a break and enjoy with their families. In the mean while, the building maintenance work can be completed within three days.

You are requested to inform all our employees about the shutdown. You must also make clear that all the employees have to report back in the office on the 19th of October at their regular time. We hope that this break proves to be a refreshing change for all our employees and they come back to work with a new enthusiasm.


Mr. Potter

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