Holiday Letter from College


Mr. Jones

High Well University



Mrs. Trelawney

Dear Mrs. Trelawney

This is to notify all the staff members and the students of our college that our college shall remain closed on the 29th and 30th of August. The decision has been taken on account of Thanks giving day. Our college has been working continuously for the past few months and has even cancelled the holidays on weekends to meet the curriculum as scheduled and complete the syllabus on time. So, the college decided to give everyone a break to enjoy Thanks giving day.

The college will resume after two days on the 31st of August and all the students are requested to attend their classes as usual to continue with the syllabus. We hope that the two days leave would be a refreshing change for everyone that will fill you with a new enthusiasm.

Enjoy the holidays and wish you a happy Thanks giving day.


Mr. Jones

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