Holiday Declaration Letter


All the employees of our Company

National Steel Corporation

44, Nickel Street, Central London


16th June 2012

Subject: Holiday declaration letter

Dear Employees

I feel very proud to announce that the management of our company has decided to give all its working employees a holiday on 1st January 2013.So all the concerned authorities of our company have been directed to note that on 1st January 2013 all our departments will remained closed on account of the new year day’s leave. The finance and accounts are herby directed to include that particular day as holiday in their pay slip calculator software so that all the employees are paid full day’s wages on the day of the holiday.

You must be aware that earlier our company used to run its normal operation on the first day of the calendar year with the employees given some extra incentive for that day’s work. Our management decided that it would be unfair on the part of the employees to report for work on the first day of a year when the entire world is busy partying.

I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year in advance and hope you enjoy your life to your fullest on that day with your family members.

Yours’ sincerely

Peter Gomes

Managing Director

National Steel Corporation

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