Holiday Cancellation Letter


Mr. Henry Baker,


High Well University,



4th Year Students,

High Well University London.

Dear Students,

This is with reference to the coming winter vacations starting from the 15th December’11. All the students are informed that the vacations have been cancelled and the college will continue at the regular timings. All are students are expected to attend their classes as usual.

The decision was taken keeping in mind that the there is a huge portion of the curriculum left to be completed for this semester. The college was not able to complete the syllabus on time due to number of reasons including the political agitations due to which the college was shut down for a week. So, in order to meet the required deadlines the decision was taken by the management as the exams are due in first week of February.

All the students are requested to cooperate with the college authorities. The college regrets the inconvenience caused and seeks your support to catch up with the syllabus.


Mr. Baker

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