Holiday Approval Letter


Mr. Tom Lewis,

General Manager,

Smith Corporations,



Ms Stella Thompson,

Sales Officer,

Smith Corporations,


Dear Ms. Thompson,

I have received your holiday application requesting a leave from October 2 to October 12 for your wedding. However, you have used all your holidays but the occasion is such that I cannot deny you the leave. So, I am approving your holiday request but would also like to inform you that the company will not pay you your salary for the period.

You are requested to get in touch with your department supervisor after you receive this approval letter to discuss all the projects you are working on and how to carry them forward. You must work out a plan to finish all the work in hand before the proposed holiday date. It is also expected that you submit a status report mentioning about your work at least a week before you leave for the holiday. I am confident that you will be able to manage all your work.

We wish you a happy and successful married life.


Mr. Lewis

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