Holiday Announcement Letter


Mr McGonagall,


Parker School,


Dear students and staff,

I, Mr McGonagall, the principal of the Parker School, am writing this to make the announcement which you all, especially the students, have been waiting for eagerly. The Halloween holidays have been extended and now every year including this year, the Halloween holidays shall be for 12 days on a stretch. In order to keep the students away from the increasing stress of studies and extra-curricular activities, this step has been taken by the school authorities.

The students and even the staff people are free for almost two weeks and this shall help them rejuvenate themselves. At the same time, the students are instructed to do something enjoyable yet worthwhile during the holidays since these free days are fetched on very rare occasions. I am hoping that teaching staff and also the students shall be completing all their pending assignments before the holidays; otherwise the holidays shall prove to be futile.

Yours faithfully,

Mr McGonagall

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