Health Insurance Appeal Letter



Head of Students Union,

Princeton College of Technology,



Mr Richard Branson,


Princeton College of Technology,


Dear principal,

This letter has been drafted on behalf of all the students of the Princeton College of Technology. This letter is an appeal to you for providing health insurance for the students who are participating in the Inter College Championship. Last year saw a grim event during this Inter College Championship when one of the students was given undesirable medication on the intent of him not being able to perform his best at the championship.

This has resulted in a fear in the hearts and the minds of the students and many of them are refraining from participating in the championship by succumbing to this fear of being the target of the undesirable consequences. The health insurance from the college shall help resurrect faith in the minds of these feared students and shall be for the betterment of the students and in turn of the college. Hoping for the needful to be done,

Yours faithfully,


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